Making the Most of Free Graduate Labour

There are alot of cliches relating to the recession making the rounds but there are some positives that have emerged for the software business community in the form of many graduates in the market for work experience.

What is being done and who benefits?

  • The government through FAS and the third level sector has invested significant resources in retraining Ireland’s workforce to be orientated toward the knowledge economy.
  • FAS has also rolled out a programme (WPP1) which seeks to provide a portal by which graduates can source work placements in areas such as the software.
  • Participants can be eligible to retain their job seekers benefits for the duration of their engagement on the programme.
  • Most importantly skilled graduates get to receive valuable work experience, retain their income (if eligible), work gets done and Ireland can retain and provide opportunities for our skilled young graduates.
  • After completion of the programme the participants are more competitive in the jobs market and can have acquired a whole host of new skills.

FAS Work Placement Programme 1:

Caters for organisations in the Public, Private, Community and Voluntary sector who wish to provide a 9 month work placement to graduates seeking experience in roles which put their skills to use.

A Point to Remember:

  • To get the best out of having a placement in your workplace try to challenge your graduate to put into use the skills they have learned in college to enable them to really add value to your organisation.

For job seekers details of current vacancies (139 in Dublin alone as of today) can be found by clicking here.

For employers details of how to have a position from your company added to the programme can be found by clicking here.