Got a startup? Come to Ireland – 3 out of 8 top Accelerators already here
Posted by Lorcan O'Sullivan on 4 July, 2011 in Europe | Ireland | StartInIreland | startup

As Michael Caine might say – not many people know this! According to a recent TechCocktail report  Ireland has three of the top eight start-up accelerators in Europe – despite having less than one per cent of the European population.I reckon this is an important piece of news that needs to be put out there, particularly in the context of private sector funding sources for start-ups and early stage companies.

Another snippet of information I picked up recently is that in the past few years over 35 overseas VCs have invested in Irish start-ups and/or early stage companies. Apparently, these VCs find the quality of the start-ups, the advantages of the country’s business and tax environment and our proximity to the main European VC centres extremely appealing. As you know by this stage, Enterprise Ireland has goodrelationships with many of these VCs and is, therefore, in a good position to to arrange introductions.

I think this is one of the many good news stories about Ireland that we really need to tell people about, especially people looking for a good start up location.

Any ideas on how best to do that? Thoughts and feedback welcome


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