The Future of Cloud – EI Client NewBay featured in Free E-Book
Posted by David Smith on 3 October, 2010 in Links | Saas | Telecom

The authors of The Future of Cloud interviewed 15 thought leaders of telecom vendors, clients, investors, partners, and competitors to find out about the Future of Cloud: Salesforce, Iterasi, Sofinnova, Intalio, NetService Ventures, Sun Microsystems, Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems, Google, GoGrid, VMWare, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NewBay, and the Federal CTO of the United States. Aneesh Chopra. Will telecoms have a role to play in the Future of Cloud, or will it be the traditional Web providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce who will dominate? Will telecoms providers be able to play in the services and applications space? What do our interviewees think a telecom could or should offer?

Inside the featured Chapter Timo Bauer, Senior Vice President & General Manager Americas, shares NewBay’s vision and insights on one of the largest consumer-facing telecom cloud solutions; and how the Cloud is more than just about operational efficiency or cost savings, but can increase a telecom’s ARPU, drive messaging and data traffic, strengthen customer loyalty and build mobile communities and social networks based on user generated content.

According to The Future of Cloud co-author Thorsten Claus

“Timo Bauer, GM Americas for NewBay, was so nice to give me a very detailed picture of their product roadmap. Yes, he sneaked into the book in the very last minute, but it’s one of the best telecom-centric interviews I had.”

Download this Chapter heree or read more and download the entire The Future of Cloud Ebook at:


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