The Business Value of Open Source Software

Interested in learning more about how Open Source Software can help your business? Want to attend a free conference where you can hear renowned industry speakers such as Mark Shuttleworth and  Simon Phipps discuss how Open Source can help give your company a competitive advantage in your market?

Enterprise Ireland and the Enterprise Europe Network Ireland are co-hosting the “The Business Value of Open Source Software” seminar on the 16th November 2010 as part of the Enterprise Europe Network Technology Roadmap series, and in conjunction with the team here at BestConnected. With keynotes from renowned international speakers discussing how Open Source Software can deliver lasting business success, as well as practical insights into how the technology can be utilised across your organisation to deliver significant competitive advantage, this event is not to be missed.

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Delegates at the event will be afforded an opportunity to discover how other businesses are using world-class Open Source Software to add value in every aspect of their business processes, including Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Virtualisation. This seminar aims to highlight the value of Open Source Software as a business enabler, and not simply a business model.  In addition to the networking reception, there will also be a technology showcase where the best of Irish Open Source Software will be on display.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mark Shuttleworth: Founder of the Ubuntu Project, a popular Linux-based operating system that is freely available worldwide with desktop and server editions. Mark currently leads design and product strategy at Canonical Ltd, the company behind Ubuntu. Canonical provides support on a commercial basis for the free Ubuntu operating system.
  • Simon Phipps: A well-known and respected leader in the Free Software community, computer industry veteran Phipps has been involved at a strategic level in some of the world’s leading technology companies. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, coordinating Sun’s extensive participation in Free and Open Source software communities until he left in 2010.
  • Ronan Kirby: Ronan Kirby is Business Development Director for the Red Hat software ecosystem in Northern EMEA. During his long tenure at Red Hat, Ronan has held multiple leadership roles, on both the commercial and technical side of the organisation. Most recently, Ronan was a core member of the Boston MA based RHEL Product Marketing Team, which has business ownership of the flagship Red Hat product. Ronan also acts as a Senior Adviser in Technology for the European Bank (EBRD), where he engages directly in economic development work in developing economies across Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia and the Balkans. Before joining Red Hat, Ronan accrued considerable expertise, through a range of leadership roles in Internet Service Providers and Integrators.
  • Tim Willoughby: Tim is the Assistant Director of the Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB), and has worked in the agency for more than 10 years in several technical roles. He has been working in the public service for 18 years in several engineering, technology and ICT roles. From his early days as a computer teacher through to his current role, he has had a passion for technology, particularly to understand and harness it for use in government. Mr Willoughby is responsible for research and development in the LGCSB and represents Irish Local Authorities on several cross government and cross business committees.

I’ll be posting further updates about the companies who will be demoing their products at the Technology Showcase, so stay tuned. This event is free-of-charge, but spaces are limited: you can register for the event here. You can also get me on Twitter if you’ve any questions: I look forward to seeing you there!