Posted by Eoin O'Siochru on 13 July, 2010 in eMarketing - (Be the first to comment)

All companies need to get the word out about their particular product or service. Using PR to attract media attention is a long-established method for raising your profile and, ultimately, increasing your customer base.

Given today’s challenging business climate, most companies, particularly SMEs, are not keen to spend scarce resources on an area like PR, where the return can be difficult to predict or measure. (more…)

Posted by Eoin O'Siochru on 12 May, 2009 in eMarketing - (Be the first to comment)

Your company’s website is a tool for communication and marketing. A ‘press room’ section can prove vital in widening the audience you can reach.

Any SME looking to communicate with the media should consider developing a special press area online. Even those not actively seeking attention, but open to the idea of media coverage, can benefit by enabling easier communication with the press. (more…)

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