Posted by Eoin O'Siochru on 12 January, 2010 in eMarketing - (Be the first to comment)

As businesses look to reduce costs and take greater control of their spending, many SMEs are keen to trim their internal and external communications costs, without sacrificing quality.

Here we look at some ways to cut your comms budget, from video conferencing to internet telephony to collaborative working tools. (more…)

Posted by Eoin O'Siochru on 18 March, 2009 in eMarketing - (Be the first to comment)

The most commonly used telecommunications services are mobile phones, fixed lines and internet connections. It’s relatively easy for a firm of one or two people to keep an eye on how much is being spent on calls. It’s a harder task for firms with mobiles and landlines for 20 or 30 staff to keep track of who is making calls and how much they are costing.

However, there are several ways firms of all sizes can manage their telecommunications services effectively, and measures they can put in place to deliver noticeable savings. (more…)

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