Product Management at Techbrew – more do-not-miss learning for software companies.

This is a guest post from John Caulfield Solutions Director Oracle Ireland  and member of the Irish Software Association (ISA) Executive Council

Update: Techbrew on Product Management now on Thursday 13th January – more details here

The first Techbrew on the 14th October saw  Jonathan Boyland (CTO of Fineos), Fergus Gloster (formerly of and founder of Thomond Technologies) and myself stand on tables to argue over Saas (Software as a Service) – Ignore It, Adapt Your Software or Start Again.

Due to public demand (Techbrew is open to all software companies, regardless of  whether they’re members of  the ISA or not) Techbrew Number 2 is still free and on it’s way on December 2nd January 13th.This time it’s Product Management that’s in the spotlight (or rather, on the soapbox).  Sign up for Techbrew here.

On the soapbox this time around  will be