Online Marketing for Travel and Tourism Sector

I’ll be attending TravelHuddle Dublin,  Ireland’s largest online travel marketing conference next Thursday, November 3rd. Speaker line-up looks pretty good, and I’m hoping to pick up some tips and tricks in what must be one of the most competitive sectors online. One of the key weaknesses I see in Irish SMEs is a lack of awareness and capability around Customer Relationship Management (both processes and tools) so I’m particularly keen to see what I can learn and pass on from thoughtleaders in an industry where this is a vital part of their marketing activities.

So the good news is that the kind folk over at Merrion BD (the conference organisers) have provided me with two complimentary tickets for readers of the BestConnected blog: the first two individuals to leave a comment below will each receive a full pass for the day, including access to the Demo Zone.

Hope to see you there.

Update: tickets are gone, thanks for all the replies. Congrats to Patrick and Mary, is winging its way to you shortly.


  1. Given that hotel and travel websites are some of the worst offenders for usability, I think you’d be doing the world a public service by giving one of the tickets to User Story :)

  2. SMEs struggle to mix promotion of their business with the demands of day to day operation. For greater adoption of promotional solutions for this audience, there needs to be very little ‘friction’ in usage, they should be able to do it all from their phone, and with no training.

    And I’d love to get a free ticket to the TravelHuddle ;)


  3. Looks really good, tourism is important for the economy


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