Notification of Microsoft Event on Cloud Technology
Posted by Linda Coyle on 15 April, 2013 in Cloud Computing | Microsoft


Microsoft’s ‘Make it Real’ conference will take place on Thursday April 25th in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin City Centre.

This event is different from other cloud events; this time 100% of the speakers will be customers and partners. They will tell the story of how they implemented cloud technology to gain a competitive advantage. You will hear about the business problems they encountered, the solutions they implemented and how you could implement a similar solution and avoid potential pitfalls.

The opening keynote comes from Nokia’s global head of Entertainment development and delivery Andy Toghill, Andy will explain how Nokia uses the cloud to power its global online music store Nokia Music. The closing keynote speaker is Microsoft’s Tim Hynes, Senior Director for Infrastructural Services. Tim will discuss how Microsoft manages its cloud Infrastructure for its 90,000 employees. Other speakers will come from a variety of industry verticals and types of organisations. There will be five different cloud partner firms available on the day to discuss how you can replicate the speakers’ success stories.

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