Microsoft’s WPC: Technology ‘Megatrends’ Defined


Sessions at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) provided insight into Microsoft’s company strategy highlighting the four ‘megatrends’, including the cloud, social, mobility and big data.  

  1. Cloud: Cloud computing isn’t new, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as software vendors like Microsoft develop secure and powerful platforms for hosting cloud software and services for companies of all sizes. With software and services in the cloud, users can benefit from a pay as you go model, helping keep operating and IT costs low while improving the overall flow of business.
  2. Social: Social applications for businesses help expand their reach. With the popularity of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, social is the way of the future…or should we say, the way of the NOW!
  3. Mobility: Mobility gives companies the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time. With access to software and services through mobile devices, people can be more productive while adopting a new way of doing business, business of convenience. 
  4. Big Data: Big data is many times misunderstood by companies. Many believe it’s the accumulation of a lot of data…and for good reason, but what big data actually means is business insight. What is your data telling you and how can you use that data to improve your profitability while improving everyday business operations? Your software and services should help you achieve this realization at your company.

Enterprise Ireland represents Irish companies who offer solutions with these megatrends in mind, especially the Cloud. Check out an informative infographic highlighting these Irish ISVs who are already capitalizing on the megatrends defined at WPC, “8 Brilliant Ways Enterprise Ireland ISVs help partners build business”.