Location Based Services as a topic is becoming mainstream now with advent of smarter technology at our fingertips and greater levels of context relevant data being made available to consumers and businesses. In previous times LBS did not achieve the critical mass due to the technology offering falling short of consumer expectations. Now however the mobile internet is truly here and with it the expectation that the device will connect with location relevant data and personal profiles. Geographic data is a critical aspect of location based offerings as is the location management function of the service.

Enterprise Ireland, in association with Ordnance Survey Ireland and the Enterprise Europe Network are hosting an event on the 10th May to explore the dynamics of this topic . This seminar will promote and stimulate discussion around opportunities in this area. Topics include emerging trends, technology issues, cross platform mobile applications and the use of data analytics as toolset.…

Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities in the Location Services Market.

Venue: Enterprise Ireland, The Plaza East Point Business Park, Dublin 3.

Time: 08:30 to 13:00 , Tuesday 10th May 2011.

To REGISTER go to ://www.een-ireland.ie/eei/events/register.asp?eventid=326 before 4th May 2011. Enquiries to email: mailto:techroadmap@enterprise-ireland.com or tel: Debbie Nolan +353 1 7272587 . Please register early to avoid disappointment – this is a FREE event but places are strictly limited to those who register.


This is a guest post from Dave Feenan, a key promoter of the CloudArena Group. Find out more on the CloudArena LinkedIn group.

I’m delighted to announce that Kevin Leahy, the IBM Worldwide Director of Cloud Strategy will in Dublin to speak at our Cloud Computing Showcase on Wednesday, 20th April.  The show case is at at the National College of Ireland, IFSC, Dublin on Wednesday, 20th April . Kevin will be talking about Capturing the Value of Cloud Computing: Service Delivery and Model Infrastructure Implications.

Kevin’s key expertise and experience is in helping clients move to and get the most value from Cloud Computing. Kevin has defined IBM’s strategy for the Cloud, including the Cloud adoption framework and he co-authored IBM’s vision for the future of the IT Dynamic Infrastructure

Cloud Team Photo

I see Kevin’s participation as yet more confirmation of IBM’s view of  Ireland as a Centre of Excellence for Cloud Computing. IBM’s on-going development and innovation at their Technology Campus in Mulhuddart is testament to the ability of Ireland to attract this type of investment.

Interested in coming along to the free-to-attend event? Register at www.cloud-arena.com. Also presenting on the day, at this free to attend event will be speakers from Microsoft, Fujitsu, EMC and CloudMover.

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How does that saying go?

Well, if you want to get there, I certainly wouldn’t start from here

As a software company executive, does that even begin to describe your experience with SaaS? Try coming up with a definition of SaaS and see where that gets you!

Are you pulling out the last of your hair when thinking about compensation models, Adwords, trials, adoption, renewals, contracts, SLAs, liability, change management, customer led innovation … .should I go on?

But, in all seriousness, Enterprise Ireland would like to invite you to the following session to discuss all this SaaS stuff on Friday morning the 15th April in our offices in East Point.  All the details are there, including a link for registration. We hope to see you there! .Register Here

Software as a Service; Introductions & Execution

Venue: Enterprise Ireland, The Plaza, East Point Business Park

Time: 8.30 to 11 am, Friday, the 15th April 2011


We’ve had a lot of people asking when the winning proposals for Enterprise Ireland’s Internet and Games Fund would be announced; After much work by the people in applying, and within EI to pick out the best prospects, the winners have just been made public.

These are the successful 1st set of companies that applied for the fund. We hope to announce the 2nd set (Competitive Start Fund) as soon as the successful companies finish the T&C’s and due diligence.

Congratulations to all ten companies – the hard work is just beginning. If you weren’t successful, there is some consolation in the strength of the people that did win through.

This is a guest post from Paul Rellis of Microsoft, about the opportunity that Cloud Computing brings for Ireland.

A core Enterprise Ireland focus for 2011 will be  helping companies recognize the cloud opportunity, enable business transformation to meet that opportunity, and of course, helping EI clients grow exports and export led jobs. Microsoft, as a multinational is a key part of this ‘BestConnected’ story.

A question on a lot of people’s minds at the moment is where to next for Ireland?  What areas do we need to focus on to restore competitiveness?  It was for this reason that Microsoft Ireland commissioned an economic impact report by Goodbody Economic Consultants to quantify the opportunities offered by rapidly creating a Cloud Computing Industry in Ireland and to identify the next steps to deliver on its promise.   The findings are contained in the report entitled – ‘Ireland’s Competitiveness and Jobs Opportunity: Cloud Computing’ which was published in January.

And the findings are clear.   The Cloud Computing Industry will deliver jobs, help restore competitiveness, create new export markets and attract Foreign Direct Investment. (more…)

The deadline for Enterprise Ireland’s Competitive Start Fund is  the end of this week; Given that it’s a ‘lighter’ online process, you’ve still time to apply. Ray Walsh and I have had a lot of questions about how best to fill out the application, given that we are getting a lot of interest from companies in the Cloud, Enterprise, SaaS and Telco areas.

Adrian of Calom has a very good blogpost on his (successful) experience in applying for the EI Internet and Games fund in December. My own notes, based on going through the applications for the previous  Games Fund are below.

Photo Credit

Lessons learned (more…)

Enterprise Ireland are always looking to balance the need for companies to map out their business plans with the need to get on with the serious business of creating Sales, Exports and Jobs.  That’s why we launched the Internet and Games fund in December. Because of that success, a follow-on initiative, the Competitive Start Fund, launches today.

If you are an early stage company with a software solution from any of  the following sectors, you can apply to our Competitive Start Fund. The application form is all online, but you must complete it before March 11th, 2011.

• Cloud computing
• Enterprise software
• Internet & Games
• SaaS
• Telecoms

Up to 15 companies will be selected to receive an investment of €50,000 , in return for a 10% ordinary equity stake. The investment will be made in two equal tranches. This means that the selected companies will be required to secure additional investment of €5,000 prior to the release of Enterprise Ireland’s investment.

If you’re a shortlisted applicant you’ll  need to deliver a short investment pitch to  a panel of industry experts and Enterprise Ireland. Full details can be found on www.enterprise-ireland.com/csf or email csf@enterprise-ireland.com Telephone: 01 727 2202

In case you missed Last Weeks Cloud Computing Debate, Silicon Republic are now hosting the videos online.

Hasan Nasiri, from the Enterprise Architecture Group of the Bank of America, provided some very good insight into the challenges the Bank is facing in its consideration of using Cloud Computing. As with all large organisations, Hasan noted that the Bank does see the long term potential of using the Cloud but the notion of trust is extremely important; trust with vendors, trust with the Bank’s applications, and, most importantly, trust with their data and customers. Click here for the video of Hasan’s talk.

Other speakers at the evening event included  Conor O’Riordan (CEO, Tradefacilitate.com) and Tim Willoughby (Assistant Director, LGCSB) and Torstein Harildstad.

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There are many things that are up in the air these days – including the interesting matter of cloud computing. For those unaware of the topic, cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. Inspired by the cloud symbol that is frequently used to represent the Internet in flow charts and diagrams, cloud computing has three distinct characteristics that distinguish it from traditional hosting: it is sold on demand, typically by the minute or the hour; it is ‘elastic’, in that a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time; and the service is fully managed by the provider (in other words, the consumer needs nothing but a computer and Internet access).

Significant innovations in virtualization and distributed computing, as well as improved access to high-speed Internet and a weak economy, have accelerated interest in cloud computing, which makes it an intriguing if not timely topic for debate. To this end, in recognition of the important opportunities that cloud computing can bring to all businesses, large and small across all sectors, Enterprise Ireland, along with Irish Internet Association, Irish Software Association, Irish Computer Society, IBEC, Irish Software Innovation Network and EuroCloud Ireland are collectively presenting the Definitive Cloud Computing Debate.

Taking place on Thursday February 10 at Dublin’s Westbury Hotel, (more…)

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Enterprise Ireland has done a lot of work with Irish Software and Service companies to help them move to Saas and Cloud business models. One of these companies is Celtrino. With the support Enterprise Ireland, Celtrino began a research and development programme to bring to market a cloud based solution for the automation of the accounts payable function. You can read their experience (including deploying the solution with Londis) by clicking on the image below.

If Celtrino can put an Accounts Payable solution  in the cloud, what’s holding you back?

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