This event is targeted at managers in Business and Technology who are keen to know how Big Data Analytics can rapidly deliver competitive advantage for their business. There will be overviews of the state of the art in analytics covering visualisation, data management and analytics techniques. There will also be several short presentations from Irish companies outlining the business value being derived from the everyday application of Data Analytics.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience hands-on demonstrators from Irish companies showing how Big Data Analytics is unlocking hidden value in their data.

When & Where: 18 Sept (Dublin) and 23 Sept (Cork) 9am-1pm

The Centre for Applied Data Analytics (CeADAR) is an industry-led technology centre for the development, and deployment of analytic technology and innovation. The Centre is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and the IDA.

CeADAR’s 3 core work programmes are:

Intelligent Analytic Interfaces allow ordinary users to derive benefits from exploring data, developing insights and communicating results from advanced analytics tools

Data Management for Analytics develops approaches, methods and tools to improve, simplify and reduce the effort involved in the management of data for analytics purposes

Advanced Analytics creates approaches, tools and techniques for social trending, social fingerprinting, continuous analytics and the detection of cause and effect across data streams

The Open Day will feature:

  • 3 talks overviewing the state of the art in the core areas of Big Data Analytics
  • 8 industry presentations illustrating real-world applications of Big Data Analytics
  • 20 hands-on demonstrators of analytics tools co-developed with the CeADAR Centre


09:00-09:30 Continental breakfast and hands-on Big Data Analytics demonstrators

09:30-09:40 Welcome & introduction to CeADAR

09:40-10:10 Overview of Big Data Analytics

10:10-10:40 Industry Experts Panel: Industry’s challenges and opportunities with analytics

10:40-11:25 Examples from Irish companies of Big Data Analytics at work

11:25-11:30 Wrap-up

11:30-13:00 Lunch and hands-on Big Data Analytics demonstrators

Register for the Dublin Event on 18 Sept 2014

Register for the Cork Event on 23 Sept 2014



Under the sponsorship of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation is jointly organising a Seminar on Intellectual Property to showcase WIPO’s offerings in the IP area. The aim of the event is to link this into the areas of greatest relevance to the Irish enterprise base. The principal target audience is the innovative industry sector be that indigenous or in the foreign direct investment area and with an element focussing on technology transfer opportunities between academia and the enterprise base.

Intellectual Property, and Intellectual Assets in general, are gaining increasing importance in enterprise development and growth as knowledge-rich innovation continues to drive competitive advantage globally. This event is therefore of significant relevance to clients of Enterprise Ireland.

Register here for the Dublin event on 16th June 2014

Register here for the Limerick event on 18th June 2014

For more information, please email


0830 – 0920 REGISTRATION


Welcome addresses by:
Anne Coleman-Dunne, Director of IP, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
Yoshiyuki Takagi, Assistant Director General, WIPO
Dublin 16th June: Professor Vinny Cahill, Dean of Research, Trinity College, Dublin
Limerick 18th June: Paul Dillon, Director of the Technology Transfer Office, UL

0940 – 1000 Topic 1: Introduction to WIPO:

Development of the International Legal Framework;
Major Intellectual Property Economic Studies
Speaker: Christopher Ruggiero, Senior Legal Officer, Transition and Developed Countries Division, WIPO

1000 – 1045 Topic 2: The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Introduction and Future Developments
Speaker: Matthew Bryan, Director, Innovation and Technology sector & PCT Legal, WIPO

1045 – 1115 Topic 3: In-house Innovation:

Capturing Creativity through Intellectual Asset Management
Speaker: Joe Doyle, IP Manager, Enterprise Ireland

1115 – 1130 BREAK

1130 – 1150 Topic 4: Global Intellectual Property Systems:

(a) The Madrid System for the International Registration of Trade Marks
Speakers: Debbie Roenning, Director, Madrid Registry, WIPO

1150 – 1220 Topic 5: Global Intellectual Property Systems:

(a) Practice and experiences of the Madrid System for the International Registration of Trade Marks
Speaker: Niamh Hall, Partner, FR Kelly & Co, Patent and Trade Mark Agents

12:20 – 13:00 Topic 6: Collaborative Innovation with Industry:

Technology Transfer and Access to Higher Education IP and Know-How
Speaker: Alison Campbell, Director, Knowledge Transfer Ireland

1300 – 1400 Networking lunch

1400 – 1430 Topic 7: (i) WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (ADR):

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Speaker: Matthew Bryan, Director, Innovation and Technology sector & PCT Legal, WIPO

1430 – 1455 (ii) Using Mediation to Reduce Cost in IP Enforcement – Possible Case Study
Speaker: Yvonne McNamara, Barrister at Law

1455 – 1515 (iii) The Unified Patent Court – A New Court System for Defending European Patents
Speaker: Anne Coleman-Dunne, Director of IP, Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation

1515 – 1545 Topic 8: Global Databases for Intellectual Property

Platforms and Tools for the Connected Knowledge Economy
Speakers: Yoshiyuki Takagi, Assistant Director General, WIPO
Fergal Brady, Patent Examiner, Patents Office [TCD]
Karen Ryan, Patent Examiner, Patents office [UL]

1545 – 1615 Q&A, SESSION CLOSE


ProductCamp is a collaborative, user organized unconference, focused on Product Management and Marketing topics. 

Product Camp provides you with a chance to hear first-hand experiences from your colleagues in the product management, marketing, and sales trenches. It’s free to attend and is organised in a highly dynamic, attendee-driven way on the day itself which ensures that the topics discussed throughout the afternoon in the various parallel tracks represent the topics of most interest to those in attendance.

At Product Camp Dublin everyone is encouraged to participate in some manner: This means you can propose a topic to present on the day, lead a roundtable discussion, or simply share your experiences, and of course volunteers to help in the organisation of the event are always welcome.

Product Camp Dublin is a great opportunity for you to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in the complete product delivery process.

This year Product Camp Dublin will be held on 5th June 2014 in DIT Aungier Street.

You can register for free  to attend this year’s event.

Follow us @ProductCampDub on Twitter or check out our website here:


The Irish Software Association (ISA) are hosting a networking event with Pagemill Partners, a Silicon Valley based M&A and investment bank, in Dublin in 3 weeks time.

This seminar & networking event will take place, in Google Docks on Barrow Street, on Thursday 27th February @ 6pm.


The event is targeted at Founders/CEO’s/CFOs – is open to non-member technology companies – however priority will be given to members of the ISA & ICT Ireland.

Demand is expected to be high for this unique event, so you should book this event sooner rather than later, to ensure you secure one of the limited places.




If your company produces or has access to large quantities of data and is faced with significant technical challenges, a targeted Big Data Research Project could be for you.

Data is the raw material of our information age.  Companies across many sectors are looking at Big Data – from financial services to fighting cancer, from telecommunications to traffic congestion, from entertainment to energy supply and from media to manufacturing.

It is estimated that data collected and generated by companies and governments is growing by approximately 40% per year. Global companies that smartly leverage this data have created significant value; estimates suggest 4% higher productivity, 6% higher profitability, and up to 50% greater market share.

The Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2013 has identified “Big Data” as one of the areas where Ireland has distinct advantages compared to other countries.  The Government believes our skills base and research capability in ICT has the potential to reap substantial benefits in terms of jobs and growth from the global expansion of the “Big Data” sector.

Ireland has been and continues to invest heavily in research capability that services Big Data needs.  Just some examples the research capabilities include:
•    The INSIGHT Centre – The National Centre for Data Analytics
•    CeADAR – Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research
•    ICHEC – The Irish Centre for High-End Computing
•    TSSG – Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG)
•    DERI - Digital Enterprise Research Institute

Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme can provide up to 80% of the cost of a research project, to work with the research groups named above and others in Irish research institutions, on a Big Data project defined by your company, to help your company.  Projects funded through this call could serve as examples of the potential of this technology area and encourage further collaborations.

Big Data – Next Steps for your company

To discuss how a Big Data project could transform you business, please complete the Big Data Call for Expression of Interest. Closing date for Expression of Interest by companies is Friday 27th September, 2013.

For more information please click here or contact:

Declan McGee, Programme Manager, Innovation Partnership Programme


Is your company thinking of targeting San Francisco/Silicon Valley in the next two years? You should consider participating in the Access Silicon Valley Programme Boot Camp in Dublin, September 23-25th. Enterprise Ireland will be accepting applications until August 9th. Learn more and apply at

 Access Silicon Valley Programme
Enterprise Ireland has designed a 3 phase programme which will challenge and support participating companies to validate their business model and test its viability for the Silicon Valley market:

 Phase One: You will be asked to complete an online assessment followed by a video call with the programme provider US Market Access Center (USMAC)  to evaluate your product or service offering and product market fit.

 Phase Two: A three day intensive and interactive boot camp to be held in Dublin on 23-25 September, 2013 and delivered by USMAC. The boot camp will focus on helping participants to understand the unique corporate culture of Silicon Valley, business model validation, pitch perfection and generating meetings with potential prospective customers, partners and/or investors. Participants are given the opportunity to test and perfect their pitching skills and will be assessed on delivering their pitch.

 Phase Three: Companies will be assessed on their readiness to progress to Phase 3 which involves:
Post boot camp mentoring
Developing a Mission Statement for US Itinerary
10 day US Itinerary

 10 day US Itinerary: (November 2013), USMAC mentors will schedule a number of meetings with relevant industry contacts, insiders and experts who will provide you with valuable feedback on the suitability of your product or service to the Valley marketplace.  You will also have the opportunity to pitch at a networking event and obtain feedback on the pitch and on meetings attended. Incubation space will be provided for the duration of your visit.



Enterprise Ireland’s annual Big Ideas Showcase  will soon be on our doorstep, taking place in the Aviva Stadium this September. Since its debut in 2009, this event is one not to be missed! Each year, inventors and investors from across the country come together and showcase the innovations of the future.

At the event, 22 presenters will demonstrate their creations – it is these inventions that will become the products, services and technologies of the future and will eventually become part of our day to day lives. Each year, this event has gone from strength to strength, attracting the great minds of Ireland’s most talented inventors. All with extraordinary portfolios and backgrounds, the big ideas demonstrated this year are sure to impress. Those attending this year will have a lot to look forward to with inventions that can:

- Improve the memory of those in residential care
- Turn any surface into a white board
- Allow you to find and buy a fashion item by taking a picture of it
- Extract thrombus from patients who present with Deep Vein Thrombosis
- Ensure seamless browsing for online businesses

To view the profiles of this years “Big Ideas” click here.

This is only a taster of the level of innovation that will be displayed at the event – from cloud computing to healthcare, sectors across the board will be represented. The inventions showcased will exhibit the vast amount creativity that is happening throughout the country.

The success of the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (TTSI) has become more and more evident. Working together, Enterprise Ireland and the publicly funded Research Performing Organisations have built over 130 spin-out companies and licensed over 500 technologies to industry. At Big Ideas 2013, the latest range of new technologies will be unveiled to potential investors and industry partners. Just like previous years the event will be attended by a wide range of stakeholders. Angel and Venture Capital investors, entrepreneurs and business development executives from multinational and Irish companies who want to preview the very latest technologies emerging from Irish research – all in one place (Aviva Stadium) on one day (Wednesday 25th September).

At the event, each inventor will give a presentation on their technology as a way of pitching to potential investors and business partners. They will illustrate their invention, what it’s about and how it works. Their presentations are an attempt to grab the attention of over 300 potential investors and business partners. From this point, effective, prosperous business partnerships will have the opportunity to bloom – giving the inventors the perfect platform to take their inventions to the next level. Business partners will then get the opportunity to meet with these inventors, express their interest and decide on the next step. The Aviva will turn into an innovation hub – with ideas shared, connections made, hands shook and plans made, it is guaranteed to be a hive of activity.

Big inventions, big investments… Big Ideas. It’s all happening on 25th September, make sure you don’t miss out!

For more information please visit or email:




A revolution is upon us – Intelligent Systems are all around us and they are changing our world in profound and exciting ways. Mobile, social, cloud and big data technologies are converging, creating an explosion of information access and usage.

The Intelligent Systems Summit 2013 provides an exclusive business-to-business platform to share, network and engage in a focused interactive environment with IT industry peers, senior executives, government officials, senior decision makers, IT leaders and internationally recognized academic experts in the area of Intelligent Systems.

The organisers invite Irish companies to take an exhibition stand in the demo area.  This is free to EI clients.  Other exhibitors include Intel, The New York Stock Exchange, CoderDojo, Here & Now, Northern Ireland Science Park, Citroen Ireland (Intelligent Car Systems), The Nerve Centre, G-Tech Medial Technologies, Invest NI, and many more.

Any exhibitors that are demonstrating IT / Tech systems are welcome.

Please go to for all the latest details and email Adrian Hopkins at to register interest in exhibiting.




Aislinn Mahon explains how The New Market Entrants Team is currently supporting some of Enterprise Ireland’s most exciting and forward thinking music technology start-ups.

The New Market Entrants Team in the UK office is running an exciting event to highlight the level of innovation present amongst the strong cluster of fast growth music technology start up companies in Ireland.

The Global Digital Music Industry

The global music industry is adapting to the digital age at an accelerated rate, and new models for creating, consuming and accessing music are constantly being introduced into new markets. This digital landscape provides both opportunities and challenges for record labels, producers and artists. The Internet makes the distribution of music faster and easier to access, but issues of piracy have risen here. There is a strong feeling in the industry that artists should be rewarded financially for their work in the digital environment, just as they have always been in the physical world.

Ones to Watch

We know that Ireland is home to some of the most exciting and forward thinking music technology start-ups that are focused on driving opportunity and addressing the challenges faced by the music industry. Thought leading companies such as 45sound, Seevl, Whole World Band, Soundwave Analytics, Mobanode, Huggity, Riffstation and Ticketfriend are but a few of our shining stars.

Kevin Godley, Founder and John Holland, CEO of Whole World Band

Kevin Godley, Founder and John Holland, CEO of Whole World Band

The Innovation in Music Technology Showcase is being run by The New Market Entrants Team at the end of May in Dublin. Leading UK music technology representatives from companies such as Mobile Roadie, MINT Digital and Music Ally will hear about the impact of digital technology on the future of the music industry and learn about new ways of driving revenue in their business in the surroundings of The Sugar Club, one of Dublin’s most creative music venues. Topics on the day will range from digital fan engagement strategies to collaborative content creation and music discovery to mobile festivals.

Cathal Furey, CEO of 45sound, pictured in the company's brand new office on South William St, Dublin

Cathal Furey, CEO of 45sound, pictured in the company’s brand new office on South William St, Dublin

Watch this Space!

In the UK, digital revenues stand at one third of music industry income – an important statistic when one considers that this surpasses those of other creative industries (e.g. film, books and newspapers). There is a mood of optimism in the UK music industry, and Enterprise Ireland sees this as an end market opportunity for our client companies to capitalise on.

Contribute to the conversation #IrishMusicTech.

For more information on Enterprise Ireland’s activity in the UK music industry, contact Aislinn Mahon @ or connect with her @ Aislinn_Mahon.



Product Camp Dublin is a free un-conference for Product Managers and Product Marketers.

In the spirit of BarCamp, Product Camp Dublin is a collaborative, user organized unconference, focused on Product Management and Marketing topics.

At Product Camp Dublin there are no “attendees,” since everyone participates in some manner: This means you get to present, lead a roundtable discussion, share your experiences, help with logistics, help secure sponsorships, or volunteer.

Product Camp Dublin is a great opportunity for you to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in the Product Management, Marketing, and Development process!

This year Product Camp Dublin will be held on 13th June 2013 in DIT Aungier Street.

You can register here to attend and to keep up to date with progress on our plans.

Follow us @ProductCampDub on Twitter




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