Is your company thinking of targeting San Francisco/Silicon Valley in the next two years? You should consider participating in the Access Silicon Valley Programme Boot Camp in Dublin, September 23-25th. Enterprise Ireland will be accepting applications until August 9th. Learn more and apply at

 Access Silicon Valley Programme
Enterprise Ireland has designed a 3 phase programme which will challenge and support participating companies to validate their business model and test its viability for the Silicon Valley market:

 Phase One: You will be asked to complete an online assessment followed by a video call with the programme provider US Market Access Center (USMAC)  to evaluate your product or service offering and product market fit.

 Phase Two: A three day intensive and interactive boot camp to be held in Dublin on 23-25 September, 2013 and delivered by USMAC. The boot camp will focus on helping participants to understand the unique corporate culture of Silicon Valley, business model validation, pitch perfection and generating meetings with potential prospective customers, partners and/or investors. Participants are given the opportunity to test and perfect their pitching skills and will be assessed on delivering their pitch.

 Phase Three: Companies will be assessed on their readiness to progress to Phase 3 which involves:
Post boot camp mentoring
Developing a Mission Statement for US Itinerary
10 day US Itinerary

 10 day US Itinerary: (November 2013), USMAC mentors will schedule a number of meetings with relevant industry contacts, insiders and experts who will provide you with valuable feedback on the suitability of your product or service to the Valley marketplace.  You will also have the opportunity to pitch at a networking event and obtain feedback on the pitch and on meetings attended. Incubation space will be provided for the duration of your visit.


Healthbox, the accelerator program for health care startups that was founded by Chicago-based Sandbox Industries, have selected 10 companies to participate in its three-month program beginning 9th January.  The line-up includes PaJR (Patient Journey Record), an Irish company using Trinity College developed technology to build a cloud-based hospital re-admissions prevention platform.  The software identifies at-risk patients based on health status information reported by patients and caregivers.

The HealthBox program offers each company office space and $50,000 in seed capital, in addition to access to a network of about 70 mentors that includes hospital executives, health care entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The 10 companies will also work with the five-member Healthbox team. Healthbox received about 200 applications

Patient Journey Record is a company we’re really excited about, they’re thinking about the problem that hospitals have with high 30-day readmission rates, and trying to use data in new ways to address that challenge and manage basic populations in a much more proactive way.

said Ms Nashif, Healthbox’s founder and a managing director of Sandbox Industries.

More information about what Patient Journey Record is on this video, taken at Enterprise Ireland’s big ideas forum.

Siobhan King-Hughes, MD of Sensormind Ltd., has been shortlisted for this year’s Women Mean Business (WMB) Awards. Siobhan is one of only three nominees in this year’s Microsoft Women Mean Business Technology Award. The other shortlisted finalists are Judith Browne (Dell Ireland) and Vivienne Williams (Cellix Ltd., a graduate from the EI high potential start-up stable).

Sensormind Logo

Sensormind is an innovative ‘assistive living’ technology that enables elderly and vulnerable people to live independently and safely at home. With improving life expectancies and the rapid rate of population aging in Europe and North America, there is growing demand for these technologies, with a market forecast of $335m for ‘social alarms’ by 2012 in Europe alone. Sensormind uses a network of discrete sensors placed in the home connected to a web-based central monitoring service to monitor normal daily activities and raise an alert if an unexpected behaviour pattern occurs.

Siobhan founded Sensormind in 2008 with husband and Chief Operating Officer Cian Hughes. She builds on a strong track record, having held senior positions at AOL, Oracle, IBM and Adobe in a 19 year career that began at Microsoft. Cian is Executive Director of the Irish Technology Leadership Group and has a 20 year career in high tech operations and strategic management, including spells at Lotus, Intel and Pivotal.

The WMB awards, which recognise the outstanding achievements of Ireland’s businesswomen, will be presented at the Women Mean Business Conference & Awards 2011 at the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin on September 26th 2011. The conference features a diverse range of speakers to include Hilary Devey, Founder & CEO of Pall-Ex Group and Dragon on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton T.D.. Also taking to the stage is Dr. Maureen Gaffney, Psychologist, Broadcaster and Author. The theme this year is ‘Success is What you Make it’ and the day will include a panel discussion, facilitated networking with IFG Corporate Pensions and Awards lunch.

I visited DERI, located in NUI Galway, for their open day on April 6th 2011. Minister Sean Sherlock, TD, Minister for Research and Innovation, and himself a graduate of NUIG, opened proceedings with Professor Jim Browne, President of the University.

DERI is home to 140 research staff, half of whom are PhDs. The focus is web science research to enable networked knowledge across a variety of key sectors such as eHealth, eLearning, eGovernment, eBusiness and more. In the words of DERI researcher Dr. Giovanni Tummarello ‘we are drowning in information’. His research is making advanced contributions to tidy this up and make it easier to consolidate and access relevant information by creating a state of the art infrastructure that consolidates billions of pieces of metadata under one coherent umbrella. In my understanding, current search engines deliver links to different sources of information, DERI’s search engines deliver the consolidated information. See for more information.

Another area of particular interest to me is the application of DERI’s expertise to healthcare, a sector for which the Galway region is well known. The enablement of data integration a lá DERI can raise the efficiency of clinical research, and enable the self-management of disease by the patient through telehealth. Current projects tackle issues such as integration of sensor data with patient record systems, enablement of plug and play electronic patient records, and interoperability of eHealth systems.

The centre is buzzing with young researchers, appropriately interspersed with some elder lemons. The atmosphere in DERI is well summed up by Ronan Fox, who heads up the eHealth division of DERI:

“The DERI team is young, bright and enthusiastic. They want to change the world for the better and so do I!”

Enterprise Ireland works with a number of companies active in the IT for Health sector, please have a look at the directory if you’re interested in finding out more about them.

This is a guest post from Caelen King, founder and CEO of, a seach engine for health clinics worldwide that has recently expanded into the UK Dentist & UK Plastic Surgery markets. Caelen recently completed Enterprise Ireland’s iGAP 2 Programme.

Recently I was listening to Dermot, one of our salespeople, while he was on the phone. He was slowly but clearly spelling out our key advantages, but it was obvious from his careful enunciation that he was talking to someone whose English was very poor. What I didn’t know was that he was talking to a dentist in Mexico who didn’t speak ANY English.

From my perspective everything looked pretty normal. Dermot waited for the dentist’s reply and nodded sympathetically. Unfortunately, however, Dermot speaks no Spanish, other than a poorly pronounced “Hola” or “Gracias”. Despite this, and in his best Limerick accent, he stated the price of our product in Euro and in Pesos several times and listened.

Somehow, even with the language barrier, he made himself understood, and he listened again to the dentists unintelligible reply. The conversation continued like this for another five minutes before I finally heard Dermot taking down the dentist’s credit card details and closing the sale.

Now, I’m sure hearing this story you’re thinking that it is slightly implausible, if (more…)

More and more the classic Telecom Operators are coming to be Global companies. This is  due not only to the number of markets where they operate, but for the type of business they are facing. Telefonica is one of these companies.  In my opinion the new Telefonica organization  (full briefing below) will facilitate the access from Irish  companies to the Telefonica portfolio. For more information on Telefonica and or the Spanish Market, contact me on LinkedIn, or get updates by following @rmarigorta or @ei_madrid.

Telefonica creates a new division in a move to diversify its classic telecoms business operations


Patient perceptions of long term illness are changing. Where previously the diagnosis of a chronic condition might have been met with a certain resignation, patients have become more proactive and expectant of how their condition will be managed and their wellness maintained. Government perceptions of healthcare are changing also. There is a growing recognition that the burgeoning cost of providing quality care is likely to bankrupt nations if not controlled. For example, US healthcare spending is currently 17% of GDP and rising, with some 90% of spend on chronic illness.

ECH Logo

One promising solution to both these aspects is, variously, known as Connected Health, telemedicine or e-health. In brief, CH involves the deployment of sensor and communication technologies to the individual, the home and other locations in order to earlier detect risk, onset or worsening of disease and thereby reduce the severity of that disease and reduce the burden of acute care in the hospital.  Currently, CH solutions are being rolled out for those chronic conditions with the largest catchment of patients and the highest burden of cost such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.


Web 2.0 Ireland is currently carrying out  a survey linked to the Apps landscape in Ireland   – Take the Survey – Share your thoughts

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Public Procurement has finally hit the big time! Enterprise Ireland’s multiple award winning publication The Market ran an article entitled “The Winds of Change in Irish Public sector Procurement” which focussed on the ever increasing drive toward reforming the way in which the Public Sector Procures and as importantly how they interact with the market.


We are pleased to announce the resumption of the Go2Tender workshop series which has been designed and run on behalf of InterTrade Ireland by Bid Management an Irish company which specialises in tender consultancy for both the public and private sectors.

What is Go2Tender all about?
Simply put Go2Tender seeks to provide companies with the skills to successfully negotiate the complex tendering processes for public sector contracts over the space of two non consecutive days. If this was not enough there is then a subsequent half day of in company consultancy which can, in certain circumstances, be extended to three days at no extra charge. The consultant will take the client through an actual tender

They have been highly successful with participating companies winning over €18m worth of contracts in recent times. The Workshop only costs €105 and is fantastic value for money.

The sectors I have targeted for attendance at the event include (1) the various software areas, (2) clean tech, engineering and construction, (3) life sciences and (4) Business Services. Interest is very high so book ASAP to avoid being disappointed.

We are also planning to have an Enterprise Ireland representative present at each of the workshops so that we can discuss how we are assisting our companies to gain business in the public sector.

If you have an interest in gaining business in the public sector in The Republic or Northern Ireland and would like to attend please contact Louise Carroll by clicking the link or call (01) 441 7155 for an application form.

Dates and Locations:
(1) Galway: Clayton Hotel; 9th & 16th of June.
(2) Mullingar: Bloomfield House Hotel; 18th & 25th of May.
(3) Derry:The Everglades Hotel; 5th & 12th of May.

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