This is a guest post from John Caulfield, Solutions Director Oracle Ireland  and member of the Irish Software Association (ISA) Executive Council. This is the latest in the series of Irish Software Association and Techbrew events that EI is proud to be associated with.

As a compliment to the work that EI and the ISA have done in helping software companies use partners to win export sales, we’re focusing the next TechBrew (Thurs 9th February @ 7.00pm) on the area.  Held at 4 Dame Lane Dublin 2, TechBrew is an informal gathering of software company management and technology leaders, getting together to chat over a bite and a beer.

In between the networking and beers we’ll cover “Partnering—Is it the fastest and cheapest entry to new markets or does it ultimately cost more?”. Talk to your peers to talk about the best route to market. Find out if you are willing to sacrifice control for coverage. See how you can expand your existing markets, what models work best and identify the best partners options for different markets, and how to managing the channel. Hear practical advice, successes and pitfalls, from those who have gone before you, shared in an informal learning environment.

Confirmed to speak:

  • Donagh Kiernan, Founder and CEO, Tenego Partnering, driving international sales for high growth technology companies, through partnering. Donagh helps high growth technology companies drive international sales, through partnering. He focuisses on making current partners effective and securing new partners that are ‘best-fit’ to sell products or services in identified target markets.

If you have some practical experience to offer yourself, why not take ten minutes to share your experiences on the night.


This is a guest post from John Caulfield Solutions Director Oracle Ireland  and member of the Irish Software Association (ISA) Executive Council

Update: Techbrew on Product Management now on Thursday 13th January – more details here

The first Techbrew on the 14th October saw  Jonathan Boyland (CTO of Fineos), Fergus Gloster (formerly of and founder of Thomond Technologies) and myself stand on tables to argue over Saas (Software as a Service) – Ignore It, Adapt Your Software or Start Again.

Due to public demand (Techbrew is open to all software companies, regardless of  whether they’re members of  the ISA or not) Techbrew Number 2 is still free and on it’s way on December 2nd January 13th.This time it’s Product Management that’s in the spotlight (or rather, on the soapbox).  Sign up for Techbrew here.

On the soapbox this time around  will be (more…)

This is a guest post from Sean Baker, IONA Founder, Gridstore Director and Chair of the Irish Software Association.

Sean Baker ISA Irish Software Association

2010 has been a good year for the software industry. We’re feeling the pinch; there’s no soft business out there, but we’re export driven and we’re growing.  Exports and employment both grew by 6% in 2009, and an additional 2,500 employees have been employed in the ICT sector since the beginning of this year. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we are doing well. The Irish software industry is a strong example of an export-oriented knowledge-led industry. Our global sales activities mean that we can take on this recession better than many other industries.


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Another event-related post: I think it’s a great sign of the vitality of the Irish software ecosystem that we’re seeing more and more events aimed at bringing together various groups within the industry.  People are hugely interested in meeting up to share ideas and to network, and more often than not in more social, informal settings: this reflects well on the Irish software and technology scene, and will hopefully continue to attract positive international attention towards Irish companies.

It’s fitting then that the Irish Software Association has decided to launch its own series of events: dubbed “TechBrew”, the goal is to provide a more casual networking opportunity for software companies, and to provide management and technology leaders with a forum to discuss and debate the challenges they face. The first TechBrew meet-up is scheduled for  October 14th, and will feature a discussion on the topic of SaaS.


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The TechBrew format is as follows: the first part will follow the evening’s theme, offering three or four people a soapbox for 10 minutes each (no slides allowed!) and provide everyone with the opportunity to contribute. The soapbox is for expressing an opinion or requesting help to resolve a challenge you are facing. The remainder of the evening will be dedicated to informal networking where you can chat and chew over a brew. Jonathan Siegel and Jonathan Boylan are both confirmed for the October soapbox, so it should make for a good session.

Full details and registration (courtesy of EventElephant) are available here.

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